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Hi, I’m Philipp Jurašić, a physics student and freelance web developer from Munich. If you wan a fast and responsive website, just leave me a message!

Below are some projects I’ve been working on.


HackaTUM R&S Satellite Challenge

21 Nov 2021

Our winning submission to the HackaTUM 2021 Rohde & Schwarz challenge, where the goal was to develop a satellite constellation for air traffic communication in a single weekend.

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Space Game in <13kB

14 Sep 2021

This years entry for the JS13k competition, where the goal is to create a browser game in under 13kB. Music, graphics and code included!

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Emergent Behavior

28 Apr 2021

A few experiments with complex behavior emerging from a set of simple rules. The projects were inspired by generative art by Sage Jenson and Anders Hoff.

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Emilia Animation

26 Apr 2021

Animation Portfolio for a Client. Has a cool 3D effect on the homepage, that uses a depth map and shaders.

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Experimental Design

01 Mar 2021

A bunch of tiny Websites where I explore some more radical design concepts and experimental methods. I’m especially proud of this modern background animation and how the prototype for a friends photography portfolio turned out.

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Numerical Solvers for ODEs

25 Feb 2021

Here we go with another maths heavy project. I tried my best to explain how the numerical methods work and add code examples where sensible. There are also a few demos solving popular differential equations like the Lotka Volterra equations or the Lorenz attractor.

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404 Game

13 Feb 2021

I recently found out about the JS13k coding competition, where the goal is to create a web demo in under 13kb of JS code. Even though I missed last years contest, I took on it’s theme and built a tiny platformer for my 404 page. The current record is 45.8 seconds!

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27 Jan 2021

Exams are coming up, so I decided to code up a simulation for optical systems. It supports lenses and some basic mirrors. All the rays are calculated according to the thin lens approximation and therefore get quite inaccurate for rays, that are distant from the optical axis.

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23 Dec 2020

A website that finds all kinds of weird comparisions for weights, distances and energies. For example 70 kg is 483 times the weight of a baseball! Isn’t that a fun fact? No? Well, whatever. Just check it out!

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Marching Squares

29 Jun 2020

Marching squares is an algorithm to create boundaries around a point cloud. I use it to create these merging blobs, by implementing the algorithm with some linear interpolation.

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Square Lights

04 May 2020

For the past year my colleague and I’ve been working on a smart lighting startup. We are producing music reactive LED Panels, so if that sounds like something you’re interested in, please check us out!

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Solar System

27 Apr 2020

Here’s an attempt at simulating planetary orbits in our solar system. Since stability is key for such a simulation, this uses a Runge Kutta numerical integration method to solve the differential equations. Planet textures by planetpixelemporium, the WEBGL library is three.js

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Electric Fields

20 Apr 2020

Inspired by the lecture we had, I made a small visualizer that shows how point charges interact with each other, move and most importantly shape the electric field. Click on the green canvas to add charges, modify the parameters, build parcours for them, go nuts! It’s not exactly physically accurate, because I’m using discrete time steps, but it gets the job done and looks pretty cool.

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Spatial Hashing

19 Apr 2020

My attempt at implementing a spatial hashing algorithm for 2D physics. The algorithms uses circles, points and axis aligned rectangles as primitives and detects overlaps efficiently. Currently only simple spring forces are supported for the primitives. The solver is a semi implicit Euler implementation, so energy isn’t perfectly conserved due to rounding errors

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COVID-19 Live Counter

14 Apr 2020

A visualization of how often people get infected by corona/recover/die. The data is being fetched from this API and processed to calculate the average intervals. There’s also a customizable version for wallpaper engine!

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Virus Simulation

29 Mar 2020

Simple virus simulation to show the effects of social distancing, improved hygiene and different attributes of the virus. Just play around with the parameters and see what happens! And of course there’s a customizable version for wallpaper engine once again.

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Frustrated Physicists

17 Dec 2019

A website for our fellow physics student to share their frustration. Click the button and everyone online can see what you’re struggling with – Live!

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